Steering Towards Client Empowerment: Planning for a Secure Future

How can you ensure security for your future and that of your clients? As an accounting professional, your role extends beyond mere number-crunching; you are the steward of your client’s aspirations. It’s not just about managing their compliance and accounting needs; it’s about making informed decisions, setting achievable goals, and seizing opportunities as they arise.

The Power of Centralised Accounting Management

One of the most potent tools in your arsenal for achieving this is myprosperity’s platform. With features like centralised accounting management, you can offer your clients a holistic view of their accounting needs. Take the recent experience of 3P Corporation Ltd, for example. Their clients, like Alison, have found immense value in the myprosperity’s ability to centralise all financial data, from assets and liabilities to investments and bank accounts. This centralisation is not just a convenience; it’s a necessity in today’s complex accounting environment. It allows for real-time tracking and a comprehensive data overview, enabling clients to make quick and informed decisions.

Setting Goals and Budgeting for the Future

Empowerment also involves planning for the future, and myprosperity excels in this aspect. The platform allows for robust goal-setting and budgeting features. Going back to 3P’s Alison, she and her husband have been using the myprosperity client portal for nearly two years, and it has been instrumental in helping them monitor their key goals. The platform’s goal-setting features serve as a roadmap, guiding clients towards their objectives and helping them adjust course as needed.

The Importance of Secure Data Storage

In an age where data breaches are increasingly common, the security of client data cannot be overstated. myprosperity offers secure data storage, ensuring that all sensitive information is safeguarded. This is not just about protecting numbers; it’s about building trust. When clients know that their data is secure, it enhances their confidence in your services, contributing to a more robust client-professional relationship.

Real-Life Impact: A Client’s Perspective

Alison’s testimonial offers a glimpse into the real-world impact of these features. The live feeds of their bank accounts, centralised document storage, and the ability to monitor financial goals have not only made their lives easier but have also been “terrific in accelerating [her] financial literacy and confidence.” This is the essence of client empowerment—equipping them with the tools and knowledge they need to take control of their financial future.

See the full testimonial here.

The Future is Empowered

Client empowerment is not a static state but a dynamic process. It involves continuous learning, adaptation, and growth. myprosperity is not just facilitating this process; they are accelerating it. By offering a range of features from centralised accounting management to secure data storage, they are setting both professionals and clients on a path towards greater security and empowerment.

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Karen Kairouz

Karen Kairouz

National Training Manager

Originally hailing from the land of the maple leaf, Karen completed a Bachelor of Commerce at Melbourne University before moving into accounting for a decade. Karen spent 8 years with Banklink/MYOB in a senior consulting role helping firms move clients to cloud based systems. For the past 7 years Karen has worked within the myprosperity group in assisting clients with onboarding, training and customer satisfaction. Just recently, as myprosperity was purchased by Hub24, Karen is excited about what the future holds.

Bridging the Divide: A Comprehensive Insight on the myprosperity Client Experience

This blog post delves into the essence of the client experience, offering insights gleaned from a recent myprosperity webinar. The webinar was hosted by Karen Kairouz and Erin Klein, two seasoned professionals in the field, to shed light on what their clients have come to expect with myprosperity and how they utilise the platform.

Understanding the Client Experience

Understanding the client experience is paramount. The best way to comprehend what your client is doing is to immerse yourself in the platform and gain firsthand experience. As the saying goes, “Experience is knowledge. Knowledge is power.” This webinar was designed to enlighten attendees on the platform’s usage and ensure clients are comfortable and adept in its use.

The Hosts’ Journey with myprosperity

Karen Kairouz, a certified practising accountant with a specialty in financial planning, has been with myprosperity for almost seven years. She brings a wealth of experience and a deep love for the program and the company. Although newer to the company, Erin Klein brings a diverse background in project coordination and sales. She is currently studying for a certificate in training and assessment to assist clients with the portal better.

Narrowing the Trust Gap

The webinar focused on ten ways to narrow the trust gap and enhance the invitation process. It covered aspects such as security, mobile app usage, desktop experience, and a live demo to showcase the platform’s features. The goal is to ensure clients are comfortable using the platform, which, in turn, benefits the service providers.

Enhanced Security Measures

  • Implementing robust security protocols is paramount to instil confidence in clients. myprosperity employs advanced encryption and authentication methods to safeguard sensitive data and ensure a secure user experience.

Optimised Mobile App Usage

  • The platform offers a user-friendly mobile app, designed to facilitate seamless interaction, enabling clients to access services, communicate, and manage their accounts effortlessly from their mobile devices.

Intuitive Desktop Experience

  • myprosperity’s desktop interface is crafted for ease of use and navigation, ensuring clients can access and utilise the platform’s features efficiently, thereby fostering a sense of trust and reliability.

Live Demonstrations

  • Providing live demos helps in showcasing the platform’s capabilities and functionalities, allowing clients to familiarise themselves with the system and gain confidence in using it effectively.

Personalised Invitation Process

  • Tailoring the invitation process to individual client needs and preferences enhances engagement and establishes a foundation of trust from the onset of the client-provider relationship.

Responsive Customer Support

  • Offering timely and effective customer support is crucial. Addressing client queries and resolving issues promptly builds trust and demonstrates a commitment to client satisfaction.

User Education and Training

  • Equipping clients with the knowledge and skills to navigate the platform through comprehensive training sessions empowers them and contributes to a sense of security and trust in the platform.

Feedback Mechanisms

  • Actively seeking and valuing client feedback demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation to client needs, thereby strengthening the trust relationship.

Transparency in Operations

  • Maintaining transparency in platform operations and communication fosters a sense of honesty and integrity, essential components in building and sustaining trust with clients.

Consistency in Service Delivery

  • Delivering consistent and reliable services reinforces client confidence and loyalty. Ensuring that the platform’s features and services meet client expectations every time is key to narrowing the trust gap.
Consistency and Predictability

A quote from keynote speaker Shep Hyken encapsulates the essence of client experience: “A consistent and predictable experience creates customer confidence, which can lead to loyalty.” This principle is applicable across various industries, including financial planning and accounting. It underscores the importance of maintaining client loyalty through a seamless and reliable experience.

Transparency and Customer Service

Transparency and excellent customer service are pivotal in narrowing the trust gap. myprosperity strives to provide a seamless digital experience and acts on customer feedback to enhance the platform continually. Understanding and addressing customer needs are crucial for the success of both the platform and the client experience.

Knowing Your ‘Why’

Understanding the ‘why’ behind using the program is essential for both service providers and clients. The ‘why’ could range from wanting to collaborate with clients in a secure portal to seeking more efficient communication and collaboration methods. Knowing the ‘why’ is the foundation for a successful and meaningful interaction with the platform.

A Secure and Consistent Portal

myprosperity offers a secure portal that consolidates communication and collaboration, eliminating the need for emails, texts, and WhatsApp. The platform provides a consistent and efficient mode of interaction, enhancing the overall client experience.

Digital Experience and Efficiency

The platform offers a digital mobile app, digital forms, and to-do reminders, enhancing the client’s digital experience. The platform’s ease of use and efficiency are evident, with clients able to log in, sign documents, and collaborate seamlessly.

One Login, Multiple Functions

With just one login, clients can access myriad functions within their portal. From collaborating and uploading documents to using digital forms and rooms, the platform offers a comprehensive and user-friendly experience.


The myprosperity client experience is multifaceted and designed with the user in mind. From understanding the ‘why’ to offering a secure and consistent portal, the platform aims to narrow the trust gap and foster client loyalty. With insights from seasoned professionals and a focus on transparency, customer service, and digital experience, myprosperity is paving the way for a seamless and efficient client experience.

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Karen Kairouz

Karen Kairouz

National Training Manager

Originally hailing from the land of the maple leaf, Karen completed a Bachelor of Commerce at Melbourne University before moving into accounting for a decade. Karen spent 8 years with Banklink/MYOB in a senior consulting role helping firms move clients to cloud based systems. For the past 7 years Karen has worked within the myprosperity group in assisting clients with onboarding, training and customer satisfaction. Just recently, as myprosperity was purchased by Hub24, Karen is excited about what the future holds.

The Revolution of Accountancy: Sydney Accountants

The Revolution of Accountancy: Sydney Accountants Save 20% More Time with myprosperity

Key Data for Sydney Accountants
  • Time Saved: myprosperity has allowed them to complete 20% more tax returns during busy periods.
  • 1300+ Clients: The platform supports over 1300 of Sydney Accountant’s clients.
  • $200 Million: Client data explaining over $200 million of asset information can be stored and tracked securely.
  • 28,000+ Docs Uploaded: Over 28,000 documents have been uploaded.
  • 3,000+ Docs Signed: More than 3,000 documents have been signed.

                                  “With all the scams around, we know that emails are completely insecure. Still, many accountants do it because it has been an accepted way of doing business for a long time, but it’s unsecured.”          

The Problem:
  • Guy Pounder, Sydney Accountants CEO, initially hesitated to fully embrace myprosperity due to time constraints.
  • Legacy systems like HandiSoft created data retrieval bottlenecks.
  • Email-based data sharing posed security risks.
The Solution:
  • Transitioning to myprosperity as a central hub for streamlined operations.
  • Encouraging clients to upload documents into the myprosperity database before meetings.
  • Providing a digital checklist for clients to follow for document uploads.
  • Leveraging myprosperity for cost management and improved service delivery.
  • Implementing a private client portal for secure document sharing and signing.
The Results:
  • Over 1300 clients adopted myprosperity.
  • Approximately $200 million worth of assets are tracked using myprosperity.
  • Improved efficiency revolutionised the business model.
  • Enhanced credibility and security.
  • Expedited tax return signing process.


Guy Pounder recalls the challenges his firm faced before the myprosperity software. He notes that hesitation to fully embrace new technologies because of time constraints and change management made it difficult to progress. The prompt to change was because legacy systems like Handisoft acted as a bottleneck, severely decreasing productivity.

“We had a problem with the old portal. We had been using HandiSoft for years, and it felt like having a blocked pipe. We couldn’t pull the information out from the blocked pipe.”

These outdated systems, though familiar, often resulted in inefficiencies in data retrieval and management, wasting valuable time and resources. Under Guy’s leadership, Sydney Accountants acknowledged these challenges and made decisive action to adopt myprosperity software. Guy remembers, 

“When I learned about the myprosperity portal, we made the switch, and it turned out to be a significant success.”

This proactive approach marked a pivotal turning point in their journey towards operational efficiency. It demonstrated Sydney Accountants’ unwavering commitment to addressing these challenges head-on, aligning their operations with the evolving needs of their clients.

Furthermore, the resounding success of the use of myprosperity became evident through the number of clients they now serve. Guy proudly shares, 

“We have about 1300 clients on it now. They love the portal.”

The rapid adoption of myprosperity’s platform by such a substantial client base stands as a testament to its effectiveness in mitigating the challenges faced by Sydney Accountants. Beyond operational efficiency, it has significantly enhanced the overall client experience, establishing it as the preferred choice for both businesses and their valued clients.

Solution: A Collaborative Tool with Instant Access to Metrics


This transformative solution in myprosperity revolutionised how Sydney Accountants’ team and clients managed their financial information. Guy emphasises, 

“We can all have that information we can use safely and securely without exposing their records to anyone else. The privacy side of things is invaluable.”

myprosperity seamlessly integrates multiple ways of communicating with clients to facilitate improved relationships. Guy elaborates, 

“We’ll say, ‘We have a private client portal,’ and they’ll appreciate that. When they start using it and liking it, it’s perfect.”

The impact of this solution was immediate and profound. Guy speaks to the ease of the client onboarding process, saying,

“One of the first things we do is to send the link to the portal. Now they upload their documents, and we give them a digital checklist of the things we need, and they follow that checklist and upload those documents.”

As a result, through the ease of use of the myprosperity features, Sydney Accountants achieved a substantial reduction in the time required to complete quality assessments, access financial information, and communicate with their clients. He speaks to the tax return process, saying,

 “We can do 20% more tax returns during busy times, because we have a quick and efficient system.”

myprosperity’s time-saving features have proved invaluable, enabling team leaders like Guy to assess client performance more efficiently and retrieve data automatically, effectively reducing manual workloads. Calibrating these features and automatic workload allocation helps streamline task management, empowering management to focus on qualitative conversations with clients. Guy discusses the importance of this aspect for their client relationship, stating that,

“They have confidence in us through this process.”

Sydney Accountants’ transformation from a traditional financial management approach to a collaborative partner mirrors the broader industry trend, where technology and innovation are reshaping traditional practices. Myprosperity has emerged as a transformative tool, equipping professionals and clients with the information they need to navigate the evolving data and financial management landscape confidently and efficiently.

Results: myprosperity Changing the Game


One of the standout achievements has been the rapid adoption of myprosperity, with approximately 1,300 of Sydney Accountant’s clients finding the portal easy to use. This high adoption rate underscores the platform’s user-friendly design and seamless integration into daily routines.

However, the true testament to myprosperity’s capabilities lies in its data management prowess. With Sydney Accountants having 28,000 documents uploaded to the platform, it’s evident that myprosperity excels at handling substantial amounts of financial data securely and efficiently. Perhaps the most transformative aspect of myprosperity’s implementation is the efficiency it brought to the signing of financial documents. 

“It’s very helpful for the signing of the tax returns. We upload it in the private client portal. You get the signature, and away you go.”

This streamlined process drastically reduced the time previously spent on manual document handling and ensured that the process adhered to the highest security standards. 

Over 3,000 documents for Sydney Accountants were signed digitally on the platform. This achievement is a testament to the platform’s reliability and the trust clients place in it to handle their financial information securely.

myprosperity’s collaborative tool has delivered outstanding results for Sydney Accountants. The platform’s impressive adoption rates, robust and secure data management capabilities, and streamlined digital signature process have redefined how financial information is managed and exchanged.

myprosperity is a game-changer in the data and financial management landscape, empowering both professionals and clients to navigate their financial journeys with greater efficiency and security.



Aris Liacopoulos

Head of Sales (Accounting)

Aris brings over 15 years experience in the Accounting Tech industry. His previous roles as Accountant at Webb & Co, Senior Consultant @ Banklink and then Sales and Account Management Leader at MYOB have all paved the way to his role of Head of Sales (Accounting) at myprosperity. Aris is dedicated to providing the right solution to his clients to help improve efficiencies and client experience.

One Room, Multiple Solutions: The Power of a Centralised and Secure Platform

One Room, Multiple Solutions: The  Power of a Centralised and Secure Platform

In an era where data breaches and cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly common, the importance of secure, encrypted communication cannot be overstated—especially in the realm of accounting.

myprosperity is leading the way in offering a secure environment for accounting firms, with features like ‘Rooms’ that provide encrypted spaces for sharing and collaboration involving sensitive data.

Here, we delve into the critical role of centralised and secure communication in safeguarding your future.

Comprehensive Data Overview


One of the standout features of myprosperity is its ability to provide a comprehensive data overview. The platform integrates various accounts, assets, liabilities, and investments into a single dashboard, offering a holistic view of your
financial health. This consolidation is not just a convenience; it's a necessity for effective accounting management.

Being able to see all your data in one place allows for the analysis of trends and patterns, which in turn enables you to make informed decisions. A comprehensive data overview is invaluable whether you're contemplating a significant
investment or trying to understand your spending habits.

And when this data is sensitive, as financial data often is, the need for secure, encrypted communication becomes apparent. With features like Rooms, myprosperity ensures that your data is comprehensive and secure. Real-time Tracking and Monitoring
Let’s consider a scenario where you’re eyeing a time-sensitive accounting task. Real-time tracking would allow you to assess your current standing instantly, enabling you to make a quick but informed decision. In both these scenarios, a secure environment ensures that your real-time communications are secure, thereby safeguarding your integrity.

The Role of Data Encryption


Encryption adds an extra layer of security that ensures confidential data remains inaccessible to unauthorised parties. In the context of accounting, this is crucial!

Whether you’re discussing strategies with your accountant in a Room or receiving real-time updates on your transactions, encryption ensures that these communications remain secure.

Encrypted communication is a cornerstone in accounting management by providing a secure environment for all the other features to function effectively. With the assurance of security, the most comprehensive overview or the most insightful data-driven strategy would be rendered most useful.

Secure Collaboration with Rooms


This is where myprosperity’s “Rooms” feature comes into play, offering an secure space for accounting management and discussions. But how does this feature specifically enhance secure collaborations?

Let’s look at specific examples from Sydney Accountants and Grimsey Wealth (Accounting Division), two myprosperity clients with extensive experience with using Rooms and reaping the benefits of secure collaboration.

Centralised Document Management: One of the most significant advantages of using Rooms is the centralisation of all relevant documents. Grimsey Wealth (Accounting Division), for instance, created over 2,351 rooms within the platform, uploading 46,000 documents into the system by clients. This centralisation streamlines operations and minimises the risk of data breaches by keeping all sensitive information in one secure location.

Enhanced Data Security: Sydney Accountants were particularly concerned about the security risks posed by email-based data sharing. Rooms offer a solution to this problem by providing a private client portal for secure document sharing and signing. This method of communication aligns seamlessly with the security requirements of modern accounting planning, offering much better security than traditional email-based methods.

Real-Time Collaboration: Both Sydney Accountants and Grimsey Wealth (Accounting Division) found value in the real-time collaboration that Rooms facilitates. Professionals can seamlessly collaborate within the same platform, delivering a holistic approach to client management. This not only enhances the services offered but also positions firms as the go-to hub for comprehensive accounting management solutions.

Time Efficiency: Grimsey Wealth (Accounting Division) saved a minimum of 15 minutes per client per tax return, adding up to more than 45 days saved each tax season. Rooms contribute to this efficiency by providing a streamlined platform for document uploads, approvals, and real-time discussions, thereby reducing the time spent on back-and-forth communications and manual document handling.

Client Satisfaction and Trust: The secure environment provided by Rooms contributes to elevated client satisfaction and trust. Clients of Sydney Accountants, for example, found the portal easy to use, enhancing their overall experience and contributing to the platform's high adoption rate. This level of reliability fosters stronger client relationships, significantly contributing to the platform’s remarkable success.



Accounting is already a complex process that involves the management and analysis of sensitive data. Therefore, secure communication in accounting management is, therefore, not just a nice to have but a necessity.

Just ask Sydney Accountants and Grimsey Wealth (Accounting Division ) —they’ve experienced firsthand the transformative impact of this feature on their operations and client relationships.

By offering a secure, encrypted environment for accounting management, myprosperity is not just helping users make better data-driven decisions but also ensuring that data is shared with ease, are securely made, saving time and effort.

Read the Blogs   Sydney Accountants – The Revolution of Accountancy  &  Grimsey Wealth- A Journey with myprosperity

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Aris Liacopoulos

Head of Sales (Accounting)




Aris brings over 15 years experience in the Accounting Tech industry. His previous roles as Accountant at Webb & Co, Senior Consultant @ Banklink and then Sales and Account Management Leader at MYOB have all paved the way to his role of Head of Sales (Accounting) at myprosperity. Aris is dedicated to providing the right solution to his clients to help improve efficiencies and client experience.

Building accounting firm prosperity: Attaining growth through better monitoring and collaborating.

In the world of accounting, growth is a strategic imperative that drives firms to new heights of success. As an established firm with several partners, you’re well placed to take that next step to a $1m+ turnover. But how?

The road to prosperity is paved to harness new clever technology. That is technology that reveals clear goals, helps with effective tracking, and can guide on the smart use of resources

Enter myprosperity—that kind of clever software that isn’t just about streamlining operations, but also about helping accounting firms achieve their long-term growth aspirations.

Let’s dive into the realm of tracking clients’ tasks /jobs / documents shared and explore how myprosperity plays a pivotal role in scaling up your accounting firm.

Defining and Monitoring Financial Goals: The North Star of Growth

Setting a clear course for your accounting firm’s growth begins with defining and monitoring financial goals. 

Imagine a firm with the goal of increasing its client base by 20% within the next year. With myprosperity, this goal becomes more than just an aspiration—it becomes a tangible target. 

It does so in three ways.

  • Identifying trends and areas for improvement – Customer surveys are customer reports that help pick up on where improvements can be made and areas for the clients’ information which your firm can better support.
  • Enabling partnerships and team growth – With features that welcome others into the fold of the clients’ data, your firm will not only offer a better service to your client but enable a referral network of other specialists serving similar clients.
  • Improve service efficiency – With features that make it quicker to get the jobs done and improve the way staff interact with your clients, the client will be happier than ever to refer you on and grow with you.
  • Identify areas to grow your business with existing clients – reports capture patterns in client finances that help you see what services your clients need so you can grow the amount each client invests with your firm.

So what one do you do first? 

Consider refining this into short-term and long-term goals.

Short-Term and Long-Term Financial Goals: A Balanced Approach

A successful accounting firm’s growth journey isn’t limited to immediate gains. Both short-term wins and long-term visions contribute to lasting prosperity. 

myprosperity empowers users to strike this balance by offering a mix of features that enable insights that drive short-term performance improvement. Features also drive consistent improvements in service and ways of identifying opportunity to grow the amount of investment from each client. 

Short-Term Insights: Rapid Progress through Client Surveys

Swift insights are paramount. Identifying trends and areas for immediate improvement can set the foundation for your accounting firm’s success. 

myprosperity understands this crucial need and provides tools that empower you to swiftly uncover opportunities for enhancement.

  • Customer Surveys/Digital questionaires – myprosperity integrates customer surveys into the client correspondence workflow, enabling you to gather valuable feedback directly from clients. These surveys act as a window into the client experience, helping you pinpoint areas where improvements can be made. By understanding your clients’ needs, pain points, and aspirations, you can tailor your services to better support their businesses. This short-term insight not only enhances client satisfaction but also lays the groundwork for enduring partnerships.


Long-Term Goals: Cultivating Prosperity with myprosperity’s Strategic Features

While short-term gains are essential, building a roadmap for lasting success requires long-term vision. myprosperity equips you with an arsenal of features that not only support your growth objectives but also strengthen your firm’s foundation.

  • Enabling Partnerships and Team Growth

myprosperity doesn’t just streamline operations within your firm; with guest access features, it extends its reach to welcome others into the fold who support your clients’ data management. 

This innovative approach not only enhances the services you offer to your clients but also creates an expansive referral network of specialists serving similar clients.

Imagine an accounting firm partnering with legal experts, brokers, and financial planners. Through myprosperity’s collaborative features, these professionals can seamlessly collaborate within the same platform, delivering a holistic approach to client management. 

This not only enhances your firm’s service offerings but also positions you as the go-to hub for comprehensive financial solutions. The result? Elevated client satisfaction, organic growth, and a network of like-minded professionals propelling each other forward.

  • Improving Service Efficiency

Efficiency is the cornerstone of client satisfaction and firm growth. myprosperity doesn’t just optimise processes; it improves the way your staff interacts with clients, driving efficiency to new heights.

Through its features, myprosperity streamlines tasks and automates reminders, ensuring that deadlines are met and tasks are executed seamlessly. This heightened efficiency translates into happier clients who are more inclined to refer your services. Word-of-mouth referrals, often rooted in exceptional service experiences, contribute significantly to sustainable growth.

  • Identifying Areas for Business Expansion

Uncovering avenues for expansion within your existing client base is important for strategic growth. It’s so much easier to foster support within your existing network, than having to convince new clients to sign up for your services.

myprosperity’s reports capture patterns in client finances, providing insights into the services your clients need more of. Armed with this knowledge, you can proactively tailor your offerings to cater to their evolving needs.

Prosperity through strategic use

myprosperity is a guiding force that propels accounting firms across Australia towards prosperity. By harnessing myprosperity’s power, your accounting firm isn’t just streamlining operations—it’s building a legacy of growth, innovation, and unwavering client trust.


Ready to take the next step towards prosperity? 

Click here to book a demo and see firsthand how myprosperity can transform your accounting firm’s journey to success.

Aris Liacopoulos

Head of Sales (Accounting)

Aris brings over 15 years experience in the Accounting Tech industry. His previous roles as Accountant at Webb & Co, Senior Consultant @ Banklink and then Sales and Account Management Leader at MYOB have all paved the way to his role of Head of Sales (Accounting) at myprosperity. Aris is dedicated to providing the right solution to his clients to help improve efficiencies and client experience.