Discover myprosperity’s full and extensive capability with webinars on the latest and best features and integrations to drive efficiencies and enhance your client experience.



Upcoming webinars

All about documents training webinar

Explore these helpful features to streamline your reporting in the portal. Hosted by National Training Manager, Karen Kairouz.
Topics include:
– How to upload & customise report covers in the partner portal
– Wealth & summary report client communications settings
– Client Goals
– Document uploads for you and clients

All about documents training webinar

Explore myprosperity’s integrations suite including the best-in-class software for document management, eSignatures, SMSF fund management, compliance, investments and more. Hosted by National Training Manager, Karen Kairouz.

Topics include:
– Which integrations are right for my practice?
– Setting up integrations in myprosperity

All about documents training webinar

Discover the best process to get your clients up and running in the myprosperity portal with a range of free educational resources. Hosted by National Training Manager, Karen Kairouz.

Topics include:

-Marketing hub client resources
– Support articles
– Our video library and support area
– Explaining the “why” and focusing on one area (i.e rooms, goals, digital forms)
– Communicating platform features to clients

Previous webinars

Annature x myprosperity: A seamless eSignature workflow

Australian eSignature platform Annature is integrating with myprosperity’s powerful portal solution for clients to engage and collaborate with their financial professionals in a seamless digital workflow.

Discover how you can securely request eSignatures from clients, track signature requests and provide a world class client experience in this upcoming webinar hosted by myprosperity Chief Product Officer, Josh Centner and Annature Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Corey Cacic.

Implementing a secure client portal

myprosperity Head of Wealth, Karolina Kusyk (KK) is joined by Stanford Brown’s Head of Advice Operation, Lori Chappel and Advice Projects Leader, Alison Maine to bring you an insightful webinar exploring how they implemented a secure client portal in their advice firm.

Key topics include:

★ Create efficiencies for advice firms
★ Enhance the client experience
★ Digitise the advice process
★ Improve compliance outcomes
★ Compliment the use of Xplan
★ Cyber security

What’s new at myprosperity

We’re thrilled to be back for 2022 with some of our most exciting platform enhancements yet. Join Chief Product Officer, Josh Centner and find out what’s new at myprosperity… and what’s to come!

Key topics include:

★ Enhancements to streamline the partner portal navigation
★ New Xplan full fact find integration
★ Adding Annature for efficient document signing
★ Refined eSigning integration across all partners

Becoming an efficient practice

What does it take to lead an efficient advice practice in 2022? Our own KK is joined by Melissa Roberts from Fitzpatricks Hunter Valley in our webinar, ‘Becoming an efficient practice’ to share her experience as a tech-led Practice Manager.

Key topics include:

★ Adding value to the client engagement journey
★ The role of Rooms, eSigning, mini Fact Finds & client data in effective practice management
★ How Melissa incorporates myprosperity to drive efficiencies and increase engagement