The wealth portal a client would want

The wealth portal a client would want

Grow your digital brand

Get your firm its own mobile app and digital client portal with all the features your customers could want.

Drive client engagement

From monthly wealth reports to recurring To-dos, you can choose when and how to engage your clients.

Increase practice efficiencies

Spend less time preparing meetings and more time helping clients thanks to live snapshots of their finances.

Pursue new revenue streams

Use your wealth portal to identify clients about to undertake financial decisions so you can better support them.

New age financial planning

myprosperity for Financial Planners

Your relationship with clients doesn’t need to end when they walk out the door. Take your business to new heights with a branded wealth portal.

  • Automated fact finds help you save time and money.
  • Use the advanced budgeting and cashflow tools to support your clients as they achieve their goals.
  • Leverage built-in engagement touchpoints like monthly wealth and property reports.

Accounting at its best

myprosperity for Accountants

Help your clients get their finances under control by keeping their financial world organised and up to date.

  • Put your customers on a Pro subscription for live bank, super, loan, and credit card feeds.
  • Consolidate your clients’ data in one place, thanks to direct integrations with leading investment and real-estate platforms.
  • When tax time rolls around, the Tax Assistant wizard helps your clients organise their data so you don’t have to.

Connecting business and personal

myprosperity for Bookkeepers

Bookkeepers, we need you! Help your clients organise their professional and personal finances by becoming a myprosperity certified bookkeeper.

Connect with accountants and planners to help them roll out myprosperity across their customer base.

Special bookkeeper tools like the Bookkeeper Wizard make it easy for you to onboard clients and ensure their details are up to date.

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