This blog post delves into the essence of the client experience, offering insights gleaned from a recent myprosperity webinar. The webinar was hosted by Karen Kairouz and Erin Klein, two seasoned professionals in the field, to shed light on what their clients have come to expect with myprosperity and how they utilise the platform.

Understanding the Client Experience

Understanding the client experience is paramount. The best way to comprehend what your client is doing is to immerse yourself in the platform and gain firsthand experience. As the saying goes, “Experience is knowledge. Knowledge is power.” This webinar was designed to enlighten attendees on the platform’s usage and ensure clients are comfortable and adept in its use.

The Hosts’ Journey with myprosperity

Karen Kairouz, a certified practising accountant with a specialty in financial planning, has been with myprosperity for almost seven years. She brings a wealth of experience and a deep love for the program and the company. Although newer to the company, Erin Klein brings a diverse background in project coordination and sales. She is currently studying for a certificate in training and assessment to assist clients with the portal better.

Narrowing the Trust Gap

The webinar focused on ten ways to narrow the trust gap and enhance the invitation process. It covered aspects such as security, mobile app usage, desktop experience, and a live demo to showcase the platform’s features. The goal is to ensure clients are comfortable using the platform, which, in turn, benefits the service providers.

Enhanced Security Measures

  • Implementing robust security protocols is paramount to instil confidence in clients. myprosperity employs advanced encryption and authentication methods to safeguard sensitive data and ensure a secure user experience.

Optimised Mobile App Usage

  • The platform offers a user-friendly mobile app, designed to facilitate seamless interaction, enabling clients to access services, communicate, and manage their accounts effortlessly from their mobile devices.

Intuitive Desktop Experience

  • myprosperity’s desktop interface is crafted for ease of use and navigation, ensuring clients can access and utilise the platform’s features efficiently, thereby fostering a sense of trust and reliability.

Live Demonstrations

  • Providing live demos helps in showcasing the platform’s capabilities and functionalities, allowing clients to familiarise themselves with the system and gain confidence in using it effectively.

Personalised Invitation Process

  • Tailoring the invitation process to individual client needs and preferences enhances engagement and establishes a foundation of trust from the onset of the client-provider relationship.

Responsive Customer Support

  • Offering timely and effective customer support is crucial. Addressing client queries and resolving issues promptly builds trust and demonstrates a commitment to client satisfaction.

User Education and Training

  • Equipping clients with the knowledge and skills to navigate the platform through comprehensive training sessions empowers them and contributes to a sense of security and trust in the platform.

Feedback Mechanisms

  • Actively seeking and valuing client feedback demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation to client needs, thereby strengthening the trust relationship.

Transparency in Operations

  • Maintaining transparency in platform operations and communication fosters a sense of honesty and integrity, essential components in building and sustaining trust with clients.

Consistency in Service Delivery

  • Delivering consistent and reliable services reinforces client confidence and loyalty. Ensuring that the platform’s features and services meet client expectations every time is key to narrowing the trust gap.
Consistency and Predictability

A quote from keynote speaker Shep Hyken encapsulates the essence of client experience: “A consistent and predictable experience creates customer confidence, which can lead to loyalty.” This principle is applicable across various industries, including financial planning and accounting. It underscores the importance of maintaining client loyalty through a seamless and reliable experience.

Transparency and Customer Service

Transparency and excellent customer service are pivotal in narrowing the trust gap. myprosperity strives to provide a seamless digital experience and acts on customer feedback to enhance the platform continually. Understanding and addressing customer needs are crucial for the success of both the platform and the client experience.

Knowing Your ‘Why’

Understanding the ‘why’ behind using the program is essential for both service providers and clients. The ‘why’ could range from wanting to collaborate with clients in a secure portal to seeking more efficient communication and collaboration methods. Knowing the ‘why’ is the foundation for a successful and meaningful interaction with the platform.

A Secure and Consistent Portal

myprosperity offers a secure portal that consolidates communication and collaboration, eliminating the need for emails, texts, and WhatsApp. The platform provides a consistent and efficient mode of interaction, enhancing the overall client experience.

Digital Experience and Efficiency

The platform offers a digital mobile app, digital forms, and to-do reminders, enhancing the client’s digital experience. The platform’s ease of use and efficiency are evident, with clients able to log in, sign documents, and collaborate seamlessly.

One Login, Multiple Functions

With just one login, clients can access myriad functions within their portal. From collaborating and uploading documents to using digital forms and rooms, the platform offers a comprehensive and user-friendly experience.


The myprosperity client experience is multifaceted and designed with the user in mind. From understanding the ‘why’ to offering a secure and consistent portal, the platform aims to narrow the trust gap and foster client loyalty. With insights from seasoned professionals and a focus on transparency, customer service, and digital experience, myprosperity is paving the way for a seamless and efficient client experience.

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Karen Kairouz

Karen Kairouz

National Training Manager

Originally hailing from the land of the maple leaf, Karen completed a Bachelor of Commerce at Melbourne University before moving into accounting for a decade. Karen spent 8 years with Banklink/MYOB in a senior consulting role helping firms move clients to cloud based systems. For the past 7 years Karen has worked within the myprosperity group in assisting clients with onboarding, training and customer satisfaction. Just recently, as myprosperity was purchased by Hub24, Karen is excited about what the future holds.