The spread of COVID-19 is changing the way we live, work and communicate. It’s sparked economic uncertainty which is already impacting businesses and people on an emotional and financial level. During this time, accountants and financial planners will play an important role as a trusted adviser to their clients, securing their financial well-being in a time of uncertainty.

We want to give accountants and financial planners the tools to navigate these difficult times, so that their clients can feel more secure about their financial future. In doing this, we’ve updated the wealth portal to give all of your clients the following:

We’ve created a really easy process for clients to update and store all of their financial information in one place so that they can not only have peace of mind, but their accountant or financial planner can go through their finances piece by piece, together.

Following the wealth check, clients will be able to access a wealth report in their client portal which they can send to their trusted adviser. The wealth report is a really simple way for clients to give their adviser their whole-of-wealth assessment, which will guide them to providing the most meaningful and holistic advice. 

Naturally some people will be concerned about their estate plans, in particular, some of your older clients and their parents.  If their needs are straight forward we have made available a free online basic will that only takes minutes to create.