In this final episode of myprosperity@home, Chris talks to world renowned motivational speaker and best-selling author, Chris Helder.

In Chris’ latest book, “Useful belief”, he shares strategies on how to effectively deal with our current reality. While “think positive” is a term that gets thrown around a lot when it comes to dealing with changed situations, pain or stress, it relies heavily on the emotional side of your brain. You might start your day off positively, but that can change in an instant if something comes undone. His advice is to consider “useful thinking”, which is a more pragmatic, practical and result driven approach. “It’s drawing a line in the sand once you’ve processed your grief, and thinking about what you can do to maximise productivity each day.” It may mean going a little deeper into your psyche to surface what you can actually control in the context of your current reality, but based on personal experience and the many positive responses received from his readers, he knows it works.

Watch the full episode below.