Generation Z graduates are beginning to launch their careers, adopt substantial university debt, and take on new territory and financial challenges.

Just the anticipation of their coming-to-age could reshape the financial landscape over the coming years, combining with Millennials to reform the industry. 

With Millennials and Gen Z now constituting more than 40 percent of Australia’s working population, they are no longer considered ‘the future’.

But do they want the help of a financial adviser? Recent research points to yes! .

The Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA), recently found an incredible 81 percent of Gen Z (born from 1995-2009) would value the time spent with a financial planner.

The FPA also found that 57 percent of all Australians feel the same, pointing towards a growing desire for professional financial help. So how can financial advisers leverage the unique qualities of Gen Z to offer professional support and guidance?


A generation saturated with technology, Gen Z have grown up with the ability to seamlessly integrate a technological ecosystem into their everyday world.

Digital engagement is typically their preferred way to interact as they look to create strong, secure and authentic experiences with the convenience of a portable, mobile-first medium. It seems only logical to explore leveraging technologies that have been designed to cater to their technological preferences.

Utilizing social media can be helpful in disseminating content; think helpful tips and short-form videos.

Tip: A branded client app can help you deliver the technological experience Gen Z expects.


Though Gen Z are adapted to a digital climate, it’s important not to undervalue face-to-face communication. The Center for Generational Kinetics found in 2017 that 53 percent of Gen Z prefer a personable method of communication, over instant-messaging tools and video conferencing.

Personalised communication and support allows Gen Z to grow their financial literacy and create a well-defined mindset around personal wealth. Integrating tailored services and strategies that speak to their unique ethos is vital.

Tip: Leverage digital client surveys to personalise your service delivery!


Decision making and experiences in real-time are vital for Gen Z. Simplifying transactions swiftly matters to this generation; as does transparent communication and decision-making.

The anxieties Gen Z face surrounding paying new “adult” bills, understanding credit and investing can be made easier with an emphasis on simplicity and trust.

Tip: Make things simple with a streamlined digital onboarding process and digital checklists to make gathering client data and tax time a breeze.


Many Gen Z-ers were coming-of-age during the recession, meaning most saw their parents affected and Millennial counterparts amass mountains of student debt.

Cautionary tales have the majority of Gen Z wary of debt, curious about financial independence and finding the right financial institutions for them.

Tip: Give them peace of mind about their finances and where they stand by bringing together their assets and liabilities into one secure place.

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