We’ve covered the 5 most popular client personas seen in financial services but what about the worst types of clients? From tyre kickers to time-wasters, we take a look at the 5 client types you probably want to avoid!

This client persona thinks they know it all. From financial products to high yielding investment strategies, these clients make you wonder why they sought advice in the first place. They are self-proclaimed market-beating experts that love to rival professional advice.

Constantly comparing, testing, searching and inquiring but never committing. The tyre kicker looks like a prospect but they are really just window shoppers. These pseudo clients can eat up large portions of your time only to jump ship to get a cheaper deal elsewhere. They tend to make purchases purely based on price, except no price is ever low enough.


Constantly rescheduling, cancelling and turning up late or not at all. No response Norman is painfully hard to get a hold of and rarely answers his phone or his emails. Sometimes found in family offices, these types of clients struggle to voice their opinions and can make arranging family finances a nightmare.

Verity is very enthusiastic – and expects 16% returns. While she wants financial advice, she doesn’t necessarily want to follow it. Results driven and extremely ambitious, this sort of client wants instant results and struggles to adopt a long-term view. With a tendency to think with the heart, they reject logical recommendations and are known to make rash decisions.


Ian is the opposite to Very Impatient Verity who doesn’t listen to advice. He wants to know every detail and asks to hear the same advice over and over. Slow to take action and fast to change their mind, these clients are risk-averse and need constant reassurance on the implications of each decision.

While these types of clients may be less-than-ideal, that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t work with them! A tailored engagement strategy can help you cut through their quirks. Get in touch today to learn how a client engagement platform can help you drive practice efficiencies, build lasting relationships, and impress even your toughest critics!