When Australia went into COVID lockdown no one quite knew what to expect. What followed  was a significant period of adjustment that effected all industries and businesses, as the transition to remote working and homeschooling took over. Tim Henry, Director of Aspire Planning noticed the lull in client interactions during that transitional period and decided to send out a “wealth check” survey to all their clients to glean insights and sentiments in the current climate. With a 50% response rate, the survey proved to be a great touchpoint for building client interactions back up again. The team was able to prioritise clients with lower scoring results, and provide them with the individual advice and reassurances they needed.   

“This is when you earn your stripes, when clients see the value.” Tim Henry explains that along with playing the role of adviser right now, they’re also in part counsellors. 

Speaking of changes to how we work, Tim predicts that individualised work flexibility plans are going to be the way forward. With everyone’s needs a little different, it’s important to maintain the flexibility that these COVID times has fast tracked. As for client interactions, video meetings have been a huge success. “We’re able to deliver and present way better, and it may come at the expense of physical interaction and relationship building, so there’s a balance there.” 

Watch the full interview below.