When Caren isn’t meeting the likes of Mel Gibson, Vanilla Ice and Charlie Sheen, she’s busy managing 19 staff at The Hendrie Group, the Croydon based advisory business she founded. She recently sat down to chat with myprosperity Director Chris Ridd to discuss how she and her advisory business have been coping during these challenging times. 

When asked how her clients have been feeling amid the market shock of COVID-19, Caren explained that people are stressed and confused. The Government stimulus packages have been a saviour for people, but she admits that some clients have been confused by the details of what relief they would be able to access. She’s found strong value in helping guide clients through these applications, particularly now that there’s been a influx of JobKeeper applications. Working with clients through these steps has been made easy through the use of digital platforms that have made client engagement simple in remote working conditions.

Caren believes that “the way we lead our clients through this is going to be everything” and that this is an amazing opportunity for businesses to redefine how they work with clients. One way that The Hendrie Group has been doing this is by using the technology they’ve had at hand more effectively, which has led them to utilising the myprosperity wealth portal. Caren has the highest regard for the portal and the tools it gives her to work more effectively with her clients such as tax checklist, reminders and document signing. “We feel it’s the most high quality wealth management product that can be used.” she explains. “You can get so caught up in a wirl-wind that distracts you from giving this technology the time it needs, but what better time is there for people to get their financial affairs sorted than now, and that can be completely achieved through the wealth portal.”

Similar to Caren’s love for the wealth portal, she has three non-negotiable health practises that get her through any challenging time. The first one is treating food like fuel, not comfort, making sure everything that goes in inspires rather than tires. Secondly, making sure she’s moving around everyday and thirdly, quality sleep. With her three mantras, a strong team and technology helping her work with clients, Caren believes that while this time is hard on many people, we’ve seen challenging times like this that we’ve persevered through and it can be done again. 

You can view the full episode here.