This week’s episode will give you headway into a different trajectory, as Chris Ridd gets growth tips from Digital Growth Genius, David Katic.

David’s background in Science and love for data set him up for the perfect transition into digital marketing several years ago. It may come as a surprise to many however, it does not change the fact that everything in digital marketing is underpinned by data, making it all measurable. Not only can you track engagement, you can also generate a return on investment by optimising your digital strategy on the many platforms available these days.

David sees great opportunities in the current state of the Advice industry since:

1. The Royal Commission – many big players have or are exiting the market. There’s also the thousands of financial planners who do not want to complete their professional development assessments. This means fewer competitors.

2. ASIC research (prior to COVID) showed that over 2 million people need or want financial planners’ help, so it’s likely this number has grown since the consequential volatility of the stock markets, and people’s retirement funds tied up in it. So right now is the right time to put your brand out there.

3. Digital marketing enables you to target the right people with your messaging.

4. Only about 4% of financial advisers are doing digital well, so the digital advice market isn’t cluttered with different offerings and messages.

Here are David’s 4 big tips to get you going:

1. Focus on lead generation using Facebook and Google advertising. Take the time to tune up your digital strategy so that when people click on an ad they’re directed to a meaningful page with specific and clear messaging.

2. Ask your clients for reviews. Online reviews are really important. Think about when you last looked into something, did you read reviews to help you make your decision? Most likely. So email your client database and request those reviews because prospects will read them.

3. Make sure the messaging on your website is right. Does your website talk in industry jargon or the way clients speak? Clients don’t necessarily understand industry jargon and so should be spoken to the way they would understand things.

4. Don’t constrain your digital strategy to postcodes. This pandemic has changed the face of client interactions with video conferencing the new norm, so cast a wide net with your messaging and reap the benefits.

Watch the full episode below.