When we think of those who have been on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic we imagine the thousands of medical staff across Australia who have put themselves forward to help save lives despite the risks the virus poses for all. These important figures behind the scenes are experiencing the impacts of the market shock just like we are, and it’s thanks to people like Carolyn Bindon, Director of WealthMed, who are helping navigate these folks through the economic uncertainty.

WealthMed is an advisory business that works specifically with medical professionals, which makes the current climate particularly interesting for Carolyn and her team of 20. As early news broke of COVID-19 spreading from Asia to Europe, Carolyn had anticipated that this emergency abroad could soon make its way to our shores. Bearing this in mind Carolyn transitioned her staff to remote working conditions much earlier than the rest of Australian businesses. “We felt the need to protect our staff and clients so we began working from home in the very early days.”

With the majority of their clients being on the frontline of this medical crisis, the team at WealthMed began proactivity running webinars to help their clients understand what support was available from the government and having direct conversations to make sure that medical professionals knew what they would be entitled to in this time. “This time has still had it’s challenges as we usually do a lot of seminars and sponsorship activity, but that’s all not on so it’s been an adjustment.”

What also helped prepare Carolyn and her team for this crisis is their early adoption of digital workflows to help engage with clients. They have for some time been ramping up their use of the myprosperity portal with the vision that eventually the portal will be the one-stop place where clients check to receive updates and documents. They’ve noticed a steady increase in the portal’s engagement amongst their clients, as people turn more to digital methods of communication. 

Even though this time has been frantic for Carolyn and her team, she admits that she’s really had time to focus on her own agenda. Thanks to the amazing work of her team, she’s been able to take some time to focus on some things she’s wanted to for a long time, and has found that whilst this time has had its challenges, there’s some serious positives to be taken away.