When software company Class had to make the transition to working from home, CEO and Managing Director Andew Russell wanted to make sure the team felt connected not just on Zoom, but on a human level. While he never imagined himself as a vlogger, Andrew wanted to give a window into his world to help humanise the experience of working remotely for his team. Shortly after the senior leadership team adopted the same method of connection, combining client updates with stories from their personal lives. 

Andrew explains that not only did this method keep his team feeling connected, but it was a means of keeping the team focused. It helped ensure that their transition to remote working conditions was seamless, bringing on the consideration by Andrew that there are elements to this working style that could be adopted permanently. He adds that in the post-COVID world, a hybrid model of work will be required to attract and retain talent. 

When Chris asks Andrew about the impacts COVID-19 have had on the Australian advice industry, Andrew goes on to explain that the adoption of cloud-based technology has been the biggest saviour for some many businesses. “Now we’re 10 or 12 weeks in they’ve adapted their business models, so in the main from what we’re seeing businesses are doing well. Some are doing better than they were before and then some have their struggles but it’s really around how they think about their business model but the most important thing is it’s given them the opportunity to reset their business strategy”.

While Andrew admits that technology is no complete replacement for the human experience, this event has shown us in more ways than one that digital workflows are the key to creating a more flexible and arguably healthier working environment. 

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