Usually in non-COVID times you’d find Melanie coaching and educating advisers across the realms of taking their business online with authenticity and genuineness, but the current times have urged her to focus her attention back to home, as her local community feels the direct impacts of the COVID-19 market shock. Situated in the beautiful Hunter Valley, Mel’s local community of Maitland has suffered from the lockdown conditions with local businesses closing due to a huge lack of foot traffic. 

Given the situation in her community Mel felt that the most helpful thing she could do in this time was to extend her advice to those around her. She partnered up with the Maitland Business Chamber to do a series called the ‘Small Business Bouncing Back’ webinars, focusing on getting local people together to stimulate their local economy by buying and shopping entirely locally. “Unfortunately we’re going to see a lot of small businesses who will struggle to recover, so more than anything if your local shops need support then that’s the most important thing you can do. If everyone does one of those little things then as a collective we can keep moving.”

Local advisers around Mel are working extremely hard right now, with some working 7-days a week just to service their existing clients. She feels that this is a golden time for financial planners and accountants to work with their clients to really show them the value in going digital. “For managing finances, accounting software is an absolute must obviously in this climate. Some people still don’t realise the power of platforms like Xero or myprosperity. Without these platforms it’s almost like operating with a blindfold on.”

With all this craziness going on, Mel’s been finding walks and yoga to be a saviour in her life. “It’s important to get outside and just remember that the world isn’t collapsing, this will pass, take the time to be present, look after your mind, and just be happy.”

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