Early adoption of technology and a strong team culture were just some of the topics discussed when Chris Ridd sat down with Sam Cranange of Cranage Private Wealth in episode eight of the myprosperity @ home series. Managing an office of 30 people and a large portfolio of clients during the market shock of COVID-19 is no simple task, but Sam perseveres forward with a strong team and a positive working culture.

 “We’ve been really lucky having a young, dynamic team of people who have a really strong work ethic.” Sam tells Chris as the two start to discuss how Sam’s been coping during these tough times. What’s been his saving grace has been the strong work ethic of the entire office, as well as having a huge amount of trust for his team. For the past few years Sam has also been working a few days from home, making the transition to lockdown conditions easy. In adapting to this the team had become fluent in doing meetings via Zoom, so much so that Sam had been seeding this technology into the way he serviced clients. 

 Sam has been utilising features in the myprosperity portal such as document signing and digital onboarding surveys for some time now, asserting that they dramatically increased business efficiencies and saved time handling client paperwork. This digital shift in his business that evidently everyone is now having to adopt he feels will be the new business-as-usual. For Sam and his business the digital transition has unearthed some truths about the way he services clients that he cannot not see. 

 Outside of the tech world, Sam’s managed to maintain a healthy body and mind during this time by taking the time to enjoy surfing. While he acknowledges he’s lucky enough to live down in Torquay and have access to the beach, he encourages his whole team to take that time to clear their mind so they’re not feeling overwhelmed by the large volume of work coming through at this time. 

 You can watch the full episode below.