If anyone understands the close relationship between advisers and technology right now, it’s Rebecca Mihalic, Director of businessDEPOT. She sat down with Chris Ridd recently to discuss how she’s been coping amid the global pandemic and what trends she’s seeing in the advisory space during this time. 

Even though her advisory business had adopted working-from-home conditions and technology long before COVID-19, Rebecca still claims that it’s a new world for her and her team. “I think the flexibility is starting to be enjoyed and people are trying to figure out the balance between work and home life, and how you can have it all in the one building, which takes some thinking outside of the box.”

Rebecca see’s the strong benefits in giving advisers and their clients this flexibility, stating what can be an hour and a half journey to meet and talk with a client can now be a 30 minute conversation thanks to digital technology like Zoom. 

“If you can give people back time in their lives, these are things that really mean alot to not just the accountant or the adviser but the entire team of an office. I really see technology enabling this transition.“ Even Rebecca’s more senior clients have been quick to embrace digital technology into their lives, making giving advice during this time really simple. This rapid digital adoption leads her to believe that these changes are permanent not just to the advisory sector, but to all of our working lives. “I don’t think we’ll ever go back to normal. There will be a level of chance across everything we do.”

Rebecca’s excited by this new world. The prospects that have emerged on the back of the rapid increase in technology adoption has freed up time in her life, whilst also making the way she works with clients more insightful and direct. The way she sees it, it’s an opportune time for advisers to be collaborating with technology, each other and their clients to take the industry in a new, exciting direction.