Here’s what happened this week:

1. This accountant pivoted his career at 40 to become a financial planner. “Career changers over 40 already have business and life experience; a few grey hairs can help with perceived credibility, as well,” says Ryan Sullivan, managing director of Applied Insights at Hartford Funds. In fact, “some firms actively seek out career changers who have proven successful in other industries.”

2. Financial planners agree on the biggest threat to a young investor: a ‘false sense of confidence’. More here.

3. What’s holding you back? In a time when advisors have more choice of how and where to build their businesses than ever before, many find themselves “held hostage” by beliefs that could be limiting their true potential. More here.

4. NAB and Westpac predict October RBA rate cut. More here.

5. A massive generational wealth transfer is about to happen but are millennials ready? A staggering $3.5 trillion is likely to be transferred to a younger generation in Australia over the next 20 years. “A key issue for the Millennial generation is where they will get their advice from and who they can trust. The reputations of many of the organisations that supported their grandparents have been severely tarnished.” More here.