by WealthO2


WealthO2 launched in 2016 and has since brought automation to compliance, execution processing, broker data connectivity, rebalancing and sophisticated performance and analytics. They also opened up trading managed funds allowing this to slot into existing workflows at lower costs. Superannuation is their latest member offering - the personalisation, transparency and flexibility of an SMSF for a lower cost and helping advisers and clients work together to choose a mix of assets that meet investor goals.

To integrate WealthO2 into myprosperity means streamlining client information into the client portal for transparency, and the most up to date, consolidated data. Once linked, the client portal will import clients’ portfolio information and/or super balances. A read only view of the clients’ holdings, transactions and details will also be displayed. The integration ensures the data is synced regularly to keep the client file accurate with the investment platform.

A one way sync of information from WealthO2 to myprosperity means a single source of truth for clients to keep track of their wealth, and advisers avoid double handling of data. Advisers are better informed and equipped to keep their clients safe from potential financial risk with consolidated data into one easy to use platform.

Login to the myprosperity client portal. From the menu, navigate to Configure > Integrations, and select WealthO2. Read the instructions, send the required email to admin@wealtho2.com.au, then go to the setup and add your Adviser IDs. It takes just a few seconds to complete the set up. How do I set up WealthO2 Integration?