Spotlight Reporting

by Spotlight Reporting

Spotlight Reporting provides the tools to see the big picture of client businesses and enhance the trusted advisor-client relationship. Spotlight has a suite of products that empowers decisions through powerful management reporting and forecasting. They aim to create insights to inform better business outcomes.

To integrate myprosperity into Spotlight reporting means streamlining wealth information and budgets into the reporting platform to give consolidated client personal and business data.
Once linked, the client portal will export wealth items and budget figures to Spotlight. You can choose what figures get exported as well as date ranges required. The integration ensures the data is synced regularly and only future adjustments will need to be imported.

The one way sync of information from myprosperity to Spotlight means advisers avoid double handling of data. Advisers are also better informed with a complete financial view of their clients – both business and personal data, helping to review, forecast, report and understand areas of potential financial risk.

Login to Spotlight and follow the instructions. Ensure you have your myprosperity login information to complete the authorisation and connection of the two platforms. It takes just a few seconds to complete the setup. Connecting to myprosperity