Midwinter (AdviceOS) is a comprehensive financial planning solution built for financial professionals and their clients. It provides sophisticated financial modelling, practice management and client engagement tools to simplify how advice is delivered.

To integrate myprosperity and Midwinter means streamlining client information and providing consistency and transparency with client data. Once linked, live data feeds regularly update client bank information, house prices, car prices and any other wealth information in the client portal, which can then be quickly imported into Midwinter with a click of a button. You can maintain contact details from myprosperity as well as import and then allocate ownership of assets and liabilities in Midwinter.

A one way sync of information from myprosperity into Midwinter helps clients keep track of their wealth while Advisers are better informed and equipped to keep their clients safe from potential financial risk.

Contact Midwinter to activate the feature within Midwinter and get instructions on how to authorise the myprosperity link. Login to the myprosperity client portal and ensure client balance sheet items are added, then you can import from within Midwinter. How do I integrate myprosperity into Midwinter?