Australian Money Market

Australian Money Market is a great addition to your tech stack, allowing you to access rates and place investments directly through the AMM investment marketplace. AMM streamlines the administration of investing in term deposits, cash investments and other investment product opportunities with over 25 financial institutions. Ease of transferring investments between institutions means increased efficiencies and reduced administration burdens.

With the Australian Money Market and myprosperity integration, clients who use the AMM platform to manage their term deposits and cash investments can view this investment data from within their myprosperity client portal. Balances, transactions and current holdings will be viewable and updated regularly. This enables you and your clients to see a ‘whole of wealth’ view of their financial world.

Login to the myprosperity client portal. From the menu, navigate to Configure > Integrations, and select Australian Money Market. Read the instructions, send the required email to, then go to the setup and add your Adviser IDs, it takes just a few seconds to complete the set up.