Engage clients with the Digital Fact Find

Don’t wait for the next paper cut: transform how you capture, store and review client data

Engage clients with the Digital Fact Find

Onboarding a new client? Preparing for a review?

Capture the information you need quickly and efficiently with the new Digital Fact Find

Powered by a purpose-built workflow to deliver a more efficient process.

Attach documents, To-dos, and notes for a truly collaborative experience.

Clients can complete fact finds at home or on the go with the mobile app.

Expertly designed fact finds

Choose from one of our expertly designed forms to onboard a new client or prepare for a review meeting.

Pre-fill information manually, or watch as information in clients’ portals pre-populates the form automatically.

Attach files, set To-dos, and add notes within the fact find, then monitor progress to stay on track!

Once complete, lock the fact find for compliance and use the portal’s electronic signing feature to get sign off.

Stay on track with the purpose-built paperless workflow

Complete every step, from gathering client data to chasing signatures, in one place

Do more with your client data

Any data entered by clients in the Digital Fact Find is automatically saved in their personal wealth portals for future reference.

Where available, live data feeds are used to pre-fill information such as property or car valuation!

Combine fact find data with the wealth portal’s other features like customisable client surveys and detailed analytics to surface new opportunities.

And last but not least, leverage our newest integration to send the completed Fact Find report directly into XPLAN as a note.

Part of a dealer group? We’ll work with your licensee to deliver a custom, dealer group approved digital fact find. Talk to us today!

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