Rising Tide Financial Services is located in the great state of Victoria. Providing financial plans and solutions surrounding tax, retirement, finance, and insurance. Matt Hale – Senior Financial Planner & Director takes some questions from us about his use of the myprosperity portal in his firm.

Interesting enough, Matt concedes to a less than fruitful initial launch of using myprosperity in 2017, as the missing element in his mind was not understanding the need for the business and his clients.

“We didn’t nail the WHY?”

Re-engaging with a fire for use in 2022 was important for the business, as Matt recalls, to collaborate with clients in a secure environment mostly using the Rooms feature.

Matt and his team had to make the decision to incorporate the portal in his processes after using it here and there. They committed to all new clients going forward to be onboarded through the portal and all existing clients would be added upon review or next service.

Digital fact finds through the system are now widely used with their traditional mortgage broking clients and their holistic financial planning clients.

“We’ve loved being able to transpose our licensee fact find in myprosperity”.

Along with digital forms, the Rising Tide team encourage clients to share documents through the portal as a secure way to ensure information is easily accessible. Rooms was the main feature to encompass the information where required. Stressing to his clients the WHY.

“A secure way to engage with Rising Tide and an efficient way for us to collect client info”.

Hoping to improve the client experience, as change management goes, everyday is a work in progress. Looking at the behind-the-scenes stats on their use of the portal, seems the Rising Tide team have started on the road to success with substantial increases in docs uploaded now from his start.

“This is a work in progress – it’s certainly helped us have one place to communicate (in a safe manner!)”

 When asked if he has any tips for other practices wanting to adopt myprosperity portal and App into their business, Matt says:

“Work out your ‘why’ – What issue are you trying to solve before committing. Software isn’t an answer when you don’t know the question.”

 We hope to help Matt and his team at Rising Tide continue their journey in providing their clients a secure portal to make collaboration seamless.

Karolina Kuszyk (KK)

Head of Wealth at myprosperity

Karolina brings over 15years experience in the Tech industry. Her previous role as a Field Partner Manager at MYOB, paved her way into the FinTech space. She joined myprosperity as employee number 8 and has played an instrumental role in driving growth since.