A dependable platform that will…

•    Empower you to remain the trusted adviser

•    Help grow your business and revenue

•    Enable you to gain invaluable insights into how to better service clients

•    Assist you in marketing your products and services

How it works for you

•    Your practice will have its’ own fully branded cloud based technology solution for all of your clients

•    Start promoting products and services to clients using the completely customizable ‘my financial review’ feature

•    Save time and money by always having access to your clients’ current up to date personal data

Benefits to your clients

Control your finances with real-time
access to data feeds for all your financial
information in one, online location

Keep track of your cashflow
by always knowing where you’re
at and where your money is going

Utilise document storage & keep
everything in one place ensuring you
never misplace any receipts & documents


Utilise ‘myprotection’ to
help manage and keep track of all
your insurance and estate planning needs

Connect all
your advisers and important
information online, anytime

Make tax time easy with all your
financial data and documents stored
securely online, in one convenient location

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