What the advice industry needs right now is a dose of something different, an injection of a ‘Fresh Approach’. The kind that brings together accountants, financial advisers, mortgage brokers and lawyers – professionals from diverse advisory backgrounds to achieve the most valuable goal – progressing the Whole of Wealth (WoW) success of their clients. myprosperity presents WoWcrowd – a webcast series designed to inspire, motivate and lead the Whole of Wealth movement.

Each episode promises to deliver inspiring stories of world class speakers such as Ben Crowe, professional mentor to world number one tennis player, Ash Barty and reigning AFL champions, Richmond football club; Janine Allis, Boost Juice founder, and TV personality on Shark Tank and Australian Survivor. Together with the industry’s most progressive minds, they share their expertise and experiences of navigating through business, advice and technology. And you’ll be happy to know that each episode is assessed for free CPD points.

The premiere episode airs on Thursday 5 November at 12 pm, and will be led by Ben Crowe who shares compelling insights into the human pysche that uncover the power of a purpose mindset.

“You might be an accountant, you might work in tax, you might be a financial planner, and that’s what you do but it’s not why you do it. That doesn’t define the depth of you.”

Crowe also talks about how humans are hard wired for connection, and his guess for the next revolution (which has historically been based on the human needs at the time) will be an “emotional health” revolution. Humans need for connection translates into being part of a community, and having people around you to help and get help from. It creates intrinsic motivations that generally make for happier and more confident individuals, a clearer path to your ‘Why’.

“Every business in the world, every person in the world, lives and dies on the success of three things – how we think, what we prioritise, and the decisions that we make. And if we can think differently, in particular about why we exist, not what, not how, but why – we will prioritse diffferent things and make different decisions and choices in this world.”

Host, Chris Ridd – Former MD of Xero, and Director of myprosperity invites a panel discussion about firms that are succeeding during these challenging times and why; and what practices and technologies are being adopted to help them stand out from the crowd. Panelists include Eli Glotzer – Head of Accounting and Financial Services at Macquarie’s Banking and Financial Services Group, Bruce McFarlane – CEO of BlueRock and Stephen Jackel – CEO of myprosperity. Our media sponsor, Momentum Media’s very own editor Sarah Kendell joins the crowd to share top industry news and trends.

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All episodes will be made available on the WoWcrowd website (linked below) a week after airing.