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Learn how to make the most of the myprosperity platform. Choose from our vast collection of informatory webinars to unlock the platforms full and extensive capability.

Training Series
Wealth and Cashflow

This webinar takes you through the features and steps you can take to manage your clients wealth and cashflow entirely through the wealth portal. Karen will be focusing on adding wealth in the portal, wealth history, filtering and running wealth reports on your clients financial position. She’ll also focus on cashflow specific processes such as creating rules for your clients, reviewing categories and tax tags.

Digital forms

This webinar takes you through the steps of digitising any of your businesses forms while highlighting the time saving element digital forms can bring to your service offering. With most advisory businesses servicing clients remotely from home we want to focus on showing you how you can utilise this feature to drive efficiencies and make digital workflows simpler.

Digital forms (Additional training)

In this additional training webinar for digital forms, Karen covers how you can send your firm’s digital form to clients. She also touches on default settings and configuration of template messages that accompany your digital form. You’ll also learn about pre-filling forms prior to and during client completion!

Digital fact find

This webinar takes you through the steps of inviting clients to the system and requesting digital forms to be completed. The forms are filled in by the client through the portal with your birds-eye view at all times. You are shown how the form is created, sent, reviewed and how the information is added into the client portal.


This webinar will take you through the integration process between your portal and xplan. You will be shown the balance sheet transfer of information from your portal to Xplan and vice versa. Learning key areas to review, where the source of truth is and how to adjust.

Client Groups

This webinar is great insight into the new feature of Client Groups. Adding spouses, partners etc to form one file with equal access to the portal. You will be shown how to add new clients as a group, merge existing clients to form a group and add a co-owner to an already existing client file. Benefits and usage covered.

Turn insights into actions

Karen will take you through the portal Lead Generation tools, setting up Client survey, Campaigns, mobile app and your services. We will also look at the Analytics that comes from these. You are also taken through to the client portal and see how they answer the survey questions, the To-dos used and service review and campaigns are viewed.

To-do's and Goals

This webinar will take you through the powerful tool within the portal of To-dos and how to best use them with your clients and within your business. Goals will be looked at and how they are created, tracked and reported.

Tax Checklist

Tax time is coming and information is key. This webinar will take you through the new Tax checklist digital form in the system. Setup, send and review. Seamless information data collection and sharing in one easy to use form.

Document signing

This webinar will take you through Digital document signing. How to send a document to a client, request the type of signature required, ensure all parties required to sign are selected and the sending and receiving of the documents. All you need to know about digital doc signing in the portal.

Client Portal

Karen will take you through aspects of the client portal

  • Client notification bell.
  • The Wealth check and how your client will view and complete.
  • Cashflow settings.
  • Cashflow duplicate transactions review.
  • Help Centre.
  • Wills
  • Team members.
  • Document uploads within the client portal.
Partner Portal

This webinar covers aspects of the Partner Portal causing support queries.

  • Adding clients and sending invites, looking at Journeys.
  • Marketing hub.
  • Configuring Client Communications and Mobile App links.
  • Bulk actions within the client list page.
  • Lead Generation – client survey.
Partner Portal: Configure Setup and Client Reports

Join myprosperity National Training Program Manager, Karen Kairouz, as she takes us through the partner portal and how you can configure the setup, as well as generating clients reports from the partner portal.

Get to know the portal


Episode 7
  • Bulk actions.
  • Doc signing with clients with sharing email.
  • Configuring will the wizard.
  • Report Covers.
  • Starter vs Pro client features.
  • Duplicate transactions.
  • Uploading a CSV in cashflow.
  • Insurances and adding Docs.
Episode 6
  • Unlinking clients.
  • Analytics.
  • Client survey.
  • MFA.
  • Adding direct feeds.
  • Doc signing on a mobile device.
  • Filtering in wealth and cashflow.
Episode 5
  • Integrations.
  • New look and functionality of the client survey.
  • Relook at secrets of Starters.
  • Onboarding strategies.
  • Filtering Reports in the client portal.
  • Wealth item input.
  • Cashflow with hiding and duplicate transactions.
  • Budget transfers and credit card payments.
Episode 4
  • Requesting bulk tax reviews from clients.
  • Setting up campaigns in the client dashboard.
  • Benefits of adding clients as Starter.
  • Client support centre for self learning.
  • New Duplicated transactions feature.
  • Adding insurances.
  • Hiding wealth items.
Episode 3
  • Security.
  • Resources: Adding an external onboarder.
  • Bulk assign staff to clients.
  • Tagging and the Tax Assistant.
  • Wills.
Episode 2
  • Changing client details.
  • Customising the client survey and client communications.
  • Social media shortcuts on the mobile app.
  • Client side joint accounts and ownership.
  • Recap on cashflow with a focus on budgeting.
Episode 1
  • Admin Settings and Resources sections on the Partner Portal with a focus on staff access and onboarding with Certified Consultants.
  • Adding a Rental Property and how to adjust property information directly with our service provider to better reflect your asset.
  • Cashflow in the client portal and how to use it more efficiently and effectively.
  • The 5 key areas to keep your clients engaged.

Client portal available on the Apple and Google stores: