Help your clients get their affairs in order

Just what you’d expect from a trusted adviser

Help your clients get the right will at the right time

“Nearly half of Australians die without a will. I view this as a national crisis and we’re excited to be working with myprosperity to solve it.”

Matt Burgess  Founder, View Legal

Great advisers know the importance of estate planning.

Get your clients a will and executor kit, then help them review their financial world to jump start conversations around insurance and estate related financial advice.


Introduce your clients to a space in their wealth portal dedicated to storing important documents, including wills and insurances.

Generate a will

Roughly 42% of Australians don’t have a will. Get your clients the protection they need by helping them get a will and organise their estates.

Create an Executor Kit

We all want to make things as easy as possible for our loved ones. Clients on a Pro wealth portal subscription can create a free Executor Kit with their wishes.

Beyond finance

Help your clients generate a pre-populated standard will or streamline introductions to your chosen estate planning specialists via the wealth portal.

With a will in hand, your clients can store all their estate related documents in one place for easy access and minimal fuss to their executor.

Next generation estate planning

We’ve partnered with specialist law firm View Legal to offer your clients a top of the line basic will valued at $300 to $500.

By completing the Will Wizard – a series of simple but targeted questions designed to assess a client’s estate planning needs – your clients can receive a basic will.

Should they require something more complex, you’ll have the information you need for introductions to a suitable law firm.

Be their trusted adviser

Having an up-to-date will is only the first step. Our clients can leverage the myprosperity Executor Kit Wizard to create a special document outlining their wishes.

The Wizard will prompt them to fill in any information not yet present in the portal so you can use this opportunity to address gaps in their protection and estate plans.

“Roughly 42% of Australian adults don’t have a will. I view this as a national crisis and we’re excited to be working with myprosperity to solve it.”

Matt Burgess Founder, View Legal