We’re back for another Product Update! We’ve been a bit quiet these past few weeks; our team was working hard behind the scenes but with most changes focused on infrastructure upgrades, there wasn’t much to showcase. This week is a different story with plenty of exciting changes to announce.


Partner Portal Updates

  • The beta tag has been removed from the integration with Australian Money Market, following a successful pilot. You can enable the integration so your clients’ portfolios are displayed in their wealth portals by visiting the Feeds area in your Partner Portal!
  • As per our last update, all Partner Portal accounts now come bundled with a Personal Wealth Portal, accessible from the drop-down menu at the top. Use this to swap seamlessly between both, and explore Client Portal features at your leisure. There was an issue stopping some users from syncing their bank accounts which has now been resolved.

Client Portal Updates

We are working around the clock with our data feed provider Yodlee to resolve the remaining instances of clients experiencing difficulties linking and refreshing bank account data.

  • A large number of cases were solved over the Christmas period. Affected clients have been advised via a notification at the top of their portal and a system email sent on January 8th to log in and re-enter their credentials.
  • Should your clients experience difficulties syncing their transactions, instruct them to re-enter their banking credentials. If difficulties persist, contact our support team so they can investigate further.

Teasers – What’s Coming Soon

  • The pop-up notifying clients of the change to budgeting in the Client Portal has been removed.
  • The Logbook feature on iOS received a handful of usability enhancements, clarifying the purpose of particular buttons and the general flow. Available on iOS only at the moment, the Logbook allows your clients to log their trips for easier tracking at tax time.
  • The Cahsflow Track report has been updated to no longer include budgets for categories marked as unbudgetable.

The redesigned cashflow area has been submitted to both the App Store and the Google Play Store for approval, so if you or your clients have downloaded the myprosperity app, anticipate an update! This new design was launched to make the section easier to use, and set the groundwork for further functionality enhancements. Check out the video below for a sneak peek and watch this space!

The Client Portal is getting a complete makeover on both desktop and mobile. With a new colour scheme, a sleek interface, and consolidated features, the new look is the first of many enhancements coming to the Client Portal this year. We’ll be showcasing the new design before it’s launched so don’t miss out!

Date: Wednesday 6th March 

Time: 12pm AEDT

Register here: https://www.myprosperity.com.au/mywebinars