Here’s a quick overview of recent developments to the wealth portal and updates on major product launches coming soon!

Client Portal

Cashflow: Duplicate transaction view

Use the new “Review duplicates” view in the Cashflow area of the portal to quickly tag and remove duplicate transactions.

Wealth: Automatic data feed refresh

Wealth and Cashflow feeds powered by Yodlee (such as bank accounts, credit cards and super) now refresh automatically whenever you open a connected wealth item! You’ll notice we’ve removed the manual refresh link since it’s no longer required, and introduced a status note so you and your clients know exactly how up to date each wealth item is.

Wealth: Type and search for financial institutions 

The financial institution dropdown in the wealth area of the portal is now searchable, so it’s easier than ever for your clients to find and enable a live feed with their institution of choice.


Mobile App


New Team section 

As of this week, clients on the mobile app can view and edit (but not add) team members on the go. Due to the level of granularity we support around permissions and guest access (down to the individual wealth item!), adding new team members can only be done on desktop. However, we are working to make the permissions interface mobile optimised and will be enabling it in the next few weeks.

Redesigned splash screen 

We’ve introduced a new mobile splash screen to match the app’s new style! For Partners on Mobile First and Enterprise Plans, this screen can still be customised with your logo and/or company slogan.


Partner Portal

Getting started checklist  

For new myprosperity Partners, we’ve introduced a Getting Started checklist to help you get set up! Thanks to its bright orange colour scheme, it’ll be one of the first things you see when you log in for the first time. Tick off each step as you go, and don’t forget to complete the online training.


Coming soon

Digital Fact Find  

With the final round of user testing almost complete, we’re gearing up to launch our brand new digital fact find in the next few weeks. We’ll be scheduling a dedicated training session when it goes live and showcasing it during this month’s What’s New webinar, so stay tuned!


XPLAN integration 

Phases 1 and 2 of the XPLAN integration (importing clients and portfolios from XPLAN into myprosperity) is ready to go. XPLAN have notified us of the steps required for Partners to enable the integration on their end, and we are presently updating the integration page to reflect this. As with digital fact find, we’ll be scheduling dedicated training sessions and showcasing the live integration during this month’s company update webinar on July 30th, at 12PM AEST.


Request an integration

Have you been using software you’d love myprosperity to integrate with? Let us know! Have your say as to what our next integration should be by completing this super short form.