In the latest installment of our Meet the Team series, we sat down with Stephen Jackel, former CTO and newly appointed CEO at myprosperity.


Tell us a bit about yourself.


I’m a snowboarding, cricket following, food appreciating, weekend DIYing, chess playing, Lego building, surfing, science loving tech geek. I’m also Dad to three kids, aged 5,8 and 11.  


When did you join myprosperity? Where were you before?


Over the last 14 years I’ve worked at a number of tech companies including running the dev team at I was the first employee of myprosperity, joining the founder Peter McCarthy in 2012.

What would you say is the top trend to watch out for in the accounting and financial planning industries?


Watch out for accounting and advisory firms using technology to provide client engagement and advice tools around helping people with their personal finances!

What would you say is the most overrated trend?


The rise of cashflow only coaches. Budgeting is important but for most people there’s a lot more to building wealth and prosperity than budgeting alone.

What’s a little known fact about Stephen?


Aside from my many achievements in tech, I’m also a midwife. We live about 5 minutes away from the hospital, so when my wife went into labour with our second child, I did not for a moment guess that 40 minutes later, while on the phone to a lovely 000 operator, I would be delivering my daughter on the bathroom floor. It was the scariest night of my life. A few minutes later, the ambulance finally arrived, I cut the umbilical cord and we were taken to the hospital. The next day, the doctor filled out the information card. Father: Stephen. Midwife: Stephen. Coincidentally, that was also the moment I retired as a midwife…

Quick Round:

  • Biggest pet peeve? People complaining. I hate it when people complain about things. It’s so annoying.
  • Favourite spot? The top of a snow covered mountain with a snowboard strapped to my feet.
  • Favourite food? Coffee. After 3 kids and a startup don’t try telling me that coffee isn’t a food! It’s pretty much an entire food group.

When it comes to the company, what are you most proud of? And what are you most excited about for 2019?


I’m most proud of the myprosperity team for their relentless passion and energy.  We are all deeply connected to the goal of helping accounting and financial planning firms communicate with their clients and ultimately help people become financially better off and live better lives as a result.


The moments we all love the most are when we are talking to someone and they realise that you work at myprosperity and suddenly their face lights up and they thank you for helping them gain control over their finances….and for helping them to sleep better at night!  Having more moments like that is what excites me about 2019!