15 months ago we introduced a new in-product chat functionality to better communicate product updates to our Partners. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been assessing the success of this service and have taken on board the feedback we’ve received.

Though our Partners appreciated the increased product communication, we found that frustration was starting to grow around the response times. As a result, we will be decommissioning it and reverting to an integrated chat service which will ensure we capture all of your requests in a timely manner, and respond accordingly.

For general information about features and updates to the portal, we will be introducing new means to communicate these in-product over the next few months. These will include, among other things, more regular updates via the “Latest product updates” link already available in the Partner dashboard, tailored notifications, and further information under the Resources section of the portal.

We will be switching off the current chat service on Wednesday, July 24th and expect to resume with the new one in August. All queries sent through the chat prior to it being decommissioned will be responded to via phone or email. In the meantime, we will continue to support our Partners and their clients via our other channels.