Certified Consultant Name: Kylie Hayes

Business Name: Let’s get you sorted

Website: www.letsgetyousorted.com.au

Tell us about you and your business.

Let’s get you sorted is all about helping clients achieve their financial goals. myprosperity helps individuals and their families achieve this and so much more. Let’s get you sorted works with accountants and financial advisers to take the headache out of the onboarding process with clients, and to kick start conversations with them around financial advice, wills and the future.

Quick round!

    1. Next big trend: Integration!  The integration of apps and software to make life so much easier!  We have only just scratched the surface of what’s to come.
    2. Most overrated trend: Twitter … does anyone still use it or did they ever use it?
    3. Mac or PC: PC .. although I do have an iPad and iPhone 😊
    4. Person who inspires you: Lots of people inspire me including Oprah, Michelle Obama and Emma Isaacs.

When did you come across myprosperity and what made you say “I have to be a part of this”?

I have been working with myprosperity for around 2-3 years.  It is such a fantastic platform for keeping everything all in one place and provides peace of mind knowing everything is easy to access.  It also helps multiple service providers talk to one another and have those important conversations with clients about the future. It makes it easier for all of us to help our clients at a deeper level.  Plus, it’s so convenient to use across multiple platforms from mobile to desktop (PC or Mac). I LOVE it!  

How would your clients describe you and your services? 

I love to help people.  I love to sit and have a chat with clients however they like (over tea, coffee, a beer or a glass of wine), make them feel comfortable and find out what’s really troubling them.  From there, we work out a solution together with their accountant and adviser. My clients would describe me as passionate about helping others achieve the best out of life and business.  Having worked in both accounting firms and financial planning firms, I’ve learnt neither is my niche. My niche is helping advisers and accountants by building relationships with clients and enabling important conversations.  

How did you previously help clients manage their personal finances and how have you found myprosperity improves the process?

In the past, it’s been a lot harder as I generally looked after business clients. myprosperity brings clients’ entire financial world together in one place so it’s easier to get a clearer view of their whole situation. As mentioned before, this helps start those conversations around wills and future planning. The importance of having an up-to-date will and planning for the future was highlighted after my mum had Leukaemia and passed away close to 5 years ago now. It made me aware of the necessity for wills, EPOA’s, AHD’s etc, as well as the importance of having conversations around health in older age. It has also given me a compassionate approach to these hard conversations but at the same time, has made me a strong advocate for them.