Certified Consultant Name: Jo Doye

Business Name: Alluvia Financial 

Website: www.alluviafinancial.com


Tell us about you and your business.

Beer lover and sports fan, I’m not your typical numbers cruncher. When not working you’ll find me sipping on a nice hoppy IPA watching American sports or booking my next holiday.

At Alluvia Financial we like to do things differently, and have fun at the same time. We believe every business owner should have a business by DESIGN, not DEFAULT.

Using our small business expertise and cloud based efficiency apps we help our customers find the freedom to do what makes their heart sing. We implement systems and technology to help you find better ways to run your business, no matter where you are.

Quick round!


    1. Next big trend: Fluro
    2. Most overrated trend: Flossing (the dance)
    3. Mac or PC: Mac
    4. Person who inspires you: Florence Welsh – that voice!

When did you come across myprosperity and what made you say “I have to be a part of this”?


After countless casual conversations with friends and family about tracking their budget and retirement plans, I designed a few little systems that helped but they were never that easy (I thought they were, my family not so much!) So when I heard about myprosperity I was very excited. To me, it was Xero for individuals and just what we needed to focus on current wealth and retirement goals.


How would your clients describe you and your services? 

We talk the talk when it comes to using efficiency apps in our firms which means we are on the ball with deadlines, enquiries, and have time to be proactive with our clients. It’s often remarked “how do you manage to never miss anything we ask” and I put it down to the systems we use.

With extensive experience in moving clients to Xero and training them how best to use it, we are well placed to do the same for myprosperity. We know how to relate to business customers and the pain points they face, juggling the daily priorities. This empathy, combined with our attention to detail will make the transition for accounting and financial planners clients a dream.


How did you previously help clients manage their personal finances and how have you found myprosperity improves the process?

While as BAS agents, we aren’t allowed to specifically advise on personal finances, we are always sharing tips and tricks with our network on business and personal finance management.