As a long term adviser to small businesses, I know only too well the importance of having a clear overview and understanding of the data that tells the story in business. Yet what people often forget – at times, with dire consequences – is that the same applies to personal finances.

So when the myprosperity team asked me to come on board in July 2018 to work with them on a project around helping people achieve a clear, holistic view of their personal financial journey, I was absolutely on board.

The goal was to create a program that would leverage the specialist skills and expertise of the bookkeeping sector to support accountants and financial planners in their implementation of myprosperity. Alongside this program would be a bespoke certification that would help train and educate bookkeepers, accountants, planners and their staff on how to deliver a great onboarding experience to clients.

And so, the Certified Consultant Program was born.

Since the certification went live in late October 2018, over 100 people – including staff of myprosperity Partners and independent bookkeepers – have completed the program, and around 50 are going through it as we speak. With this wonderful success, it is time to hang my hat up on this project and hand it over to Karen Kairouz (National Training Manager) and the rest of the awesome team at myprosperity so they can nurture and grow the program through to its next stage.

Though I’ll be leaving the project, I will continue to engage with myprosperity as theirs is a cause close to my heart: that every individual be empowered through better communication with their finance professionals and a clear understanding of their present and future finances.

As for my next major focus, it’s onward and upward with my first love: empowering bookkeepers to Command The Price They Deserve for the Value They Deliver as part of my newly launched Kickstart for Bookkeepers program. You can find me on

To those interested in becoming a Certified Consultant, you can find out more by visiting the website and joining the myprosperity Professionals Facebook group for regular updates.

As for myprosperity Partners, if you need a hand when it comes to onboarding clients, get in touch with Karen by emailing support (at) so she can introduce you to some brilliant Certified Consultants.

To your success!