Welcome to the November edition of the myprosperity update!

With the end of the year in sight, it is a time to reflect on the year that’s been, celebrate our success and say thanks to all our partners who have supported us along the way!

November was another big month and saw a number of new developments, including the launch of the Certified Consultant Program, new mobile app functionalities, and crucial performance updates.

Certified Consultant Program

The new Certified Consultant program is now live! CCP for short, the Certified Consultant Program replaces the now defunct Bookkeeper Program. Bigger and better, the CCP is a training program on how to successfully onboard clients to the myprosperity wealth portal.

Get your staff certified today, or if you need an external resource, request an introduction to Certified Consultants in your area by getting in touch with your Partner Enablement Manager.

Get the most from your website!

The final episode of our successful Marketing Masters series is coming up next Wednesday 5th December. In the series finale, host Jeremy Johnston, will focus on best practice strategies to help your website reach its full potential.

In today’s fast-paced business world, managing change – particularly when it comes to technology – is essential. Starting 2019, we’ll be kicking off a brand new webinar series around change management. We hear from our partners that this is a key area of interest and it is a topic in which we have plenty of expertise. Registrations will open soon so keep an eye on our webinars page!

Product Update

Here are some of the key product updates this month.

  • Data Feed Update

We’ve recently made significant upgrades to the live data feeds that power the platform. This was part of a wider positive and complex change to improve usability and speed, as well as provide accounts with richer data on historical transactions. A small number of clients have experienced issues as a result so we are working with the data feed provider to get these resolved as quickly as possible. If you or your clients encounter any issues, please notify our Support Team so they may escalate accordingly.

  • Goals on Android

Back in August, we introduced the new goals functionality on IOS and it’s now available on Android! The new tool allows your clients to set goals like debt reductions and savings, and is accompanied by some very cool visuals.

  • Overall Enhancements

User experience is something we’re constantly improving here at myprosperity. Following feedback from clients on our budgeting functionality, we have removed uncategorised transaction data from budgets and associated reports.

On the design front, we have made some touch ups to the partner portal. Among other things, actions are now organised under each client’s record, making it easier for you to keep track of things, and find the information you need.

Last not but least, we launched Kwidz, a finance app for kids, late last month and were delighted to see a bit of a buzz around the app from both our users and the media.

That’s it! Watch the video below for a full recording of the final What’s New webinar of 2018.