Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I add a wealth item?

Login to your account. Go to mywealth, then click on the orange +ADD button. From there you will be prompted to add in the details.

Q. Can you add my bank to myprosperity?

We add new banks to the list based on demand from members. Once we have enough requests for a particular bank, we will go through the process of setting up a link between that institution and myprosperity.

Q. How many free property valuations do I get?

As a member of myprosperity, when you add your home to your account, you will receive a free valuation.  Subsequent investment properties that are added also receive a free valuation.

Q. Can I review all of my service providers at once?

The best way to review all your providers is to use the Ways to Save feature. Click on Ways to Save, make all services ‘yes’, then press Next.  Add a couple of basic details and then work your way through the remaining questions. For example, you will be asked which property you would like to review. The good news is that this process will positively impact your Financial Fitness score.  You will also, no doubt, save some money!

Q. Can you set a budget up in myprosperity?

Of course! In fact, we will do most of the hard work for you. Go to mycashflow, then choose the Budget option.  You will see your income and expenses automatically listed and broken up into categories. From here you can ensure all your details are correctly categorised and then you can set your Budget Values.

Q. How do I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password, simply go to the myprosperity site, click on Login, enter your email address and click on Reset Password. You’ll then need to enter the verification words and press Reset my Password. You will be sent an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

If you know your current password but wish to change it, login to your account, then go to My Profile / My Details / Account Details / Edit Details. Once here you can create a new password. You can also add security questions to your account to assist in the event you forget your password. Don’t forget to Save your Details!

Q. Can I add wealth items manually?

Yes. Open mywealth and click on the +Add button in the top right hand corner. Choose the wealth item you wish to add then choose the manually add account balance option, add the wealth item details and finish.

Q. Can I adjust the value of wealth items manually?

Yes you can. If it is a property, car or a manually added item you can change the value of the wealth item. Go to My Wealth, click on the wealth item you wish to alter, then click the Edit button next to the current valuation. You can edit the valuation price here.

Q. How do I delete a wealth item?

Go to mywealth, click on the wealth item you wish to delete, then click the Edit button. Click on the red rubbish bin icon in the bottom left of the screen. You will be asked to confirm that you wish to permanently delete this item. Click Delete & Exit.

Q. My mortgage has been categorised as a personal loan. Can I change the category to mortgage?

Yes. Open mywealth, open the account you wish to re-categorise and click on the green Edit Details button on the Details page. The Category drop down list provides four different options.

Q. Is myprosperity secure? I’m concerned about adding my bank details.

Yes! Your important information is safe with myprosperity. We use the same 128-bit encryption and physical security that banks use to protect your private details and our practises are monitored and verified by Verisign and supported by McAfee Security. Click here to view our security information.

Q. Does myprosperity have an app for mobiles and tablets?

There is a mobile site for myprosperity designed for use on a wide range of modern smartphones. As yet there is no specific app.

Q. Does myprosperity work outside of Australia?

Yes. myprosperity can be accessed anywhere, anytime, however automatic data feeds can only be linked for financial institutions and properties in Australia and the value of vehicles in the Australian market.

Q. Is there a feature within my prosperity which allows you to categorise and record transactions over a period of time?

By linking your bank accounts, superannuation, loans and other financial institutions you hold an account with, myprosperity will automatically categorise your incomings and outgoings. At times myprosperity may not categorise a transaction to the category you want. Where this happens you can manually re-categorise the transaction and myprosperity will automatically make this change for this transaction in the future. You can view your income and expenses over different time frames or a customised timeframe and see trends in your spending and earning that help to create a budget.

Q. Is it possible to create my own categories to filter expenses in cashflow?

Categories are set but you can add you own customised tags and then filter by tags to see only the expenses for that tag. To set a tag, open mycashflow, open the category and flag the transactions you wish to add a tag, click on the tag button and select the tag to add or create your own tag and hit Apply. Close mycashflow and reopen to see the tags have been applied.

Q. The transfers I make between my bank accounts and my credit cards are being included in my cashflow. Can I remove the transfers from my cashflow?

Yes. Transfers are automatically removed from your cashflow, however, if you want to include them, login to your account, click on the settings icon in the top right hand corner and check the Include transfers option and save.

Q. Can I add transactions manually to cashflow?

No, however, we have received a number of requests for this functionality so it may not be too far off.

Q. How much does myprosperity cost?

myprosperity offers three levels of subscriptions – MP Starter, MP Pro and MP Investor. Click here to compare the different subscriptions.

Q. My bank was on the list in myprosperity but now it’s gone. How do I link my bank account?

Once banks have been requested and found from the list in myprosperity they are removed from the list as they have already been located. This being the case, your accounts should be waiting for you to retrieve in the ‘mywealth’ section of your myprosperity account. To check if they are there, open the ‘mywealth’ section in your account and check the top right hand corner for a message that tells you accounts have been found. If the accounts are not there, try adding them again through the ‘add a wealth item’ wizard. Locating a bank and adding bank accounts can take a few minutes.

Q. Is it normal for my bank accounts to be in ‘processing’ status for a long time?

Yes. At times it can take longer than expected for accounts to link from the bank/institution. While processing is taking place you can continue to use your myprosperity account or if you finish, log out and your accounts will be linked the next time you log in.

Q. My bank accounts don’t seem to have updated. Why?

From time to time some members experience their bank accounts not updating. There can be a range of reasons for this occurring. If an account is not frequently accessed then bank accounts will stop updating after a month. Members can perform a manual refresh. Open the account that needs to be refreshed and click on the Refresh Now link adjacent to the account name and value.

Q. Can I delete a bank account?

Yes. Go to mywealth, click on bank account, choose the account you wish to delete, then hit the red rubbish bin icon. You will be asked to confirm that you want to permanently delete this account.

Q. Can I delete my account?

Yes. Login to your account, then go to myprofile / My Details / Account Details and click on the red rubbish bin icon, confirm your password and delete your account.